What is PrEP and is it Truly the Best Weapon to Fight HIV/AIDS?

Lahey Hospital is on the cusp of major technological advances. An incredible staff has explored many options to help the community and give patients the health they crave and deserve. PrEP is one such development that has spawned a lot of interest. Developments in fighting HIV have introduced Lahey Hospital to PrEP. The medication is pre-exposure prophylaxis, and it used for patients who are at risk for HIV in preventing the infection. In action, the treatment will diminish the chances of an HIV infection if a patient feels they are particularly vulnerable.

Does it Work?

The short answer is yes. Patients who were on PrEP in an early trial test are effectively fighting against possible HIV infections. It is one of the best treatments to avoid the infection for sexually-active adults. It also helps to fight against other misconceptions. Many people think that HIV always leads to AIDS, and that is not the case. Patients under PrEP are informed about all the realities of HIV/AIDS. The staff members actively fight misconceptions about the disease, such as the belief that HIV infected patients can’t have healthy children.

A Culture of Confidence

Strategies, such as PrEP, have formulated a rather dire counter-effect to HIV/AIDS. The general understanding seems to be that HIV/AIDS is quite treatable and manageable. Even PrEP supposes that HIV can be avoided if one takes this medication regularly. Unfortunately, it has led to people being overconfident in this manner and being more reckless in their sexual behaviors.

For one, half of the individuals tested in an early trial for PrEP actually turned up with another sexually-transmitted disease. It does not prevent other diseases. Furthermore, PrEP has no effect for patients who already have HIV. Very few people are actively taking PrEP, so it is not ingratiated enough to have a major cultural impact on infections.

In all, Lahey Hospital recommends two courses of action. The first is steady and consistent testing for sexually active adults. The second is a trip to the hospital after suspecting anything. Both of these approaches will keep patients on top of their own health. Readers interested in PrEP and HIV treatment can check out Lahey Hospital Wikipedia Page for a review of the hospital’s history and resources.